We’ll take care of your employees, so they can get back to work.

Adapting to your environment to make accomodating people easier.

We are focused on building design solutions that adapt to your needs, shaped by Principles of Universal Design, with a sharp focus on:

Gender Equity
Design for those who are vulnerable and traditionally lack support at work.

Design that increases physical, mental and emotional health for employees and occupants. Recognition of the uniquely challenged worker.

Scale & Access
Providing easy access to deliberate, small-scale design with large impact.

Inspired by stories.

Nestl informs design from collecting stories, starting with the experience of returning to work after childbirth. Here is K's story.

Inspired by experience.

Founded in 2018, Nestl was founded by an architect and mother who saw that retrofitting or allocating lactation space was too-often impractical and devalued at a high cost to new mothers and parents.

Her interest in addressing equity in design began early in her career, when she was advised by a senior architect that her first mistake towards reaching licensure was having a child; her first was 7 months old at the time.

Nestl is dedicated to creating deliberate and feasible design solutions for health and equity at work that respect the needs of employees and building occupants.

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