Frequently Asked Questions

Can your handwashing stations go outside?

No. Our stations are designed for indoor use only. Frequent temperature shifts can cause the fibers inside the laminate to expand and contract. We are working on an outdoor solution, coming soon.

Do your hand washing stations have hot water?

No. Our sink utilizes a single handle cold water faucet. The temperature of the water will be room temperature.

Do all of your hand washing stations come on wheels?

Yes, by default our portable hand washing stations come on wheels. We can customize wheel color or put our adult units on metal legs by request.

Do you have a financing option?

We are working on finding a financing solution for small business. It's very important to us to support organizations and small businesses, we do have a tiered pricing model in order to make our products more accessible.

What kind of soap dispenser do you use?

Our soap dispenser is a touchless dispenser that utilizes an infrared sensor. The sensor is powered by 4 AA batteries, included in shipment. The soap is refilled by simply removing the top.

What are the electrical requirements?

Our handwashing stations require a typical outlet-- 110V/15amp, typically. We do not currently provide battery operated sinks.

Why do I need to provide lactation space for my employees?

Those who are breastfeeding need to pump 2-4 times a day. An average pumping session takes 20 minutes. Providing a private, clean, and fully functional lactation space for breastfeeding workers is crucial to physical and mental health for new mothers, and significantly increases productivity.

A fully functional mothers room will provide private refrigeration and running water for comfortable and proper milk storage and sanitation of pumping equipment.

Why does your product include a portable sink? Can't breastfeeding workers use the kitchen/bathroom/shared sink we have already?

Using a communal or bathroom sink to clean pumping equipment more often feels vulnerable and unsanitary.

How long do I need to a provide lactation space / mothers room for my employee?

Talk to your employee about their plans to pump upon returning to work. Our rental model for lactation space offers flexibility.

What are the laws on providing lactation space at work?

Please refer to the resources below regarding federal and state laws governing breastfeeding, lactation space, and compliance.

Link: Breastfeeding State Laws
Link: New York City Lactation Room Laws

Link: Office on Women's Health- Employer Benefits To Providing Lactation Space

What makes Nestl Lactation Space different?

• Our patent-pending design is a one stop shop for fully functional lactation space, transforming any room into a fully functional, supportive, and tranquil experience.

• Our lactation stations were designed by breastfeeding mothers to perfectly adapt to the needs of breastfeeding workers.

• Our stations are completely portable, therefore they can be moved around a building and transferred between spaces depending on employee needs.

• Our mother's room solution requires a tiny footprint, and no installation or renovation time.

Do I need to have an existing private room to use Nestl Space as a solution?

Yes. Our lactation stations require 5' x 7' of private, fully enclosed space. Some popular rooms are: phone booth rooms, conference rooms (with no transparent glass), small private offices, break rooms, and larg(er) closets.

What is the installation time for your Lactation Stations?

All of our products arrive fully assembled. There is no installation time aside from removing packaging and plugging in the units.

Nestl Terms & Conditions

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