Bring handwashing anywhere.

Take handwashing out of bathrooms where germs spread the most. Hallways, classrooms, libraries, gyms, and restaurants can now have handwashing with no plumbers.

Designed for everyone.

Ergonomically designed at adult and child heights, with color options that integrate seamlessly into any room or environment.

Select the features you need. 70 handwashings per refill, with optional touchless faucet.

Easy to dump and refill. With our touchless sensor option, you'll always have easy & comfortable access to clean hands, contact free.

Fits anywhere with an outlet.

Classrooms, hallways, conference rooms, libraries, and restaurant areas can now have hand washing without renovation.

Plug it in when you need it.
Move it out when you don't.

Easy to clean.

Nestl  facilitates OSHA’s COVID-19 guidance for promoting frequent and thorough hand washing for employees, customers and visitors with a place to wash their hands.

OSHA Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 >

Nestl Handwashing Stations

Increase health, hygiene and feelings of safety during COVID-19.

  • NSF & LEED Certified

    Self-contained, NSF certified cold water sink provides up to 70 typical hand-washings before needing refills. Our cabinets are made of FSC & LEED Certified non-toxic wood laminate.

  • Designed & Made by Small Business

    Designed and made by small businesses coming together to bring unique solutions to your space.

  • Ships to US & Canada

    Ships anywhere within the US & Canada.

Minimal Assembly Required
Ready to use. Take out of the box and plug it in.