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Creating a Lactation Room at Work is Important. We Make it Easy.

Nestl Space's patented Lactation Station includes a portable sink, integrated refrigeration and outlets for breastfeeding and pumping mothers.

Nestl Lactation Station

Create healthy and super clean lactation space out of any small room with our portable lactation station.

Rent or Buy, Starting at $499/mo


• Sink: Used to clean pumping equipment up to 50 times before needing to be refilled. Water is ambient (room) temperature.

Portable Sink: BPA Free 3 gallon fresh water tank with handle, 5 gallon waste tank for grey water.

• Refrigeration: Included 20L temperature controlled mini fridge safely stores breastmilk.

• Workstation with Integrated Power Outlets: 2 AC power outlets & 2 USB ports for plugging in breastpump, laptops and chargers.

• Cupholder: Chair has 2 cupholders for pumping bottles

• 6 FT Power Cord: 1 Power Cord plugs into 1 AC power Outlet

Eco-Certifications: Wood materials are LEED & FSC Certified. Silicone Upholstery is PVC-Free and Greenguard Certified.

Arrives on site fully assembled. Shipping rates calculated based on location. Ships to US & Canada.

2 Weeks Lead Time

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