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Bring handwashing anywhere.

Bring comfortable and non-toxic hand hygiene to your school, business, food service facility or anywhere you need it. It’s easy with a Nestle eco-friendly, portable handwashing station: no plumbers needed. While this isn’t an outdoor portable sink, it can work in any room indoors, from the classroom to the board room.

Designed for everyone.

Get a modern, minimalist, portable handwashing sink in your choice of color options, all made to integrate seamlessly into any indoor environment, with ergonomic, touchless design. We can even custom-match school or brand colors!Shop our mobile sink options for kids and adults.

We’re proud to support these pioneering organizations in their efforts to keep their communities healthy.

When should you wash your hands?

Staying clean and healthy at school requires frequent handwashing. Check out our video to find out how Nestl makes handwashing easy and accessible with our portable sinks.

Select the features you need. Up to 70 handwashings per refill.

With our touchless sensor options, you'll have easy, comfortable and contact-free access to clean hands.

Eco & Safety Certifications

  • The Largo School
    “Love their product! It was exactly what our school needed to add additional cleaning stations.
    The mobile wash stations are great quality and very functional. They are worth every penny, in quality and practicality!”
  • Selkirk Montessori School
    The customer service with Nestl was excellent from the beginning. The stations arrived ahead of the expected timeline and were instantly ready to use. They are just as beautiful as they appear online and are well crafted!
  • Brimmer & May School
    "We love the machines they are working great and a huge help with the students."
  • FBI TV Show
    "The portable sinks are getting great use and are working very efficiently.
    Having them is a great reminder for people on set to continue to remain clean and safe."
  • Collab
    "Nestl prioritizes equity and wellness for all employees.
    We believe it can transform any workplace into a more beautiful, just, and nurturing place."
  • Gardener Public Schools
    "The sinks have been great! Extremely handy and easy to use.”

Clean hands quickly without the ick factor.

Our inviting portable hand washing stations increase hand hygiene without feeling icky or gross to use.

Easy to dump and refill.

Our products ship fully assembled, ready to plug in and use— and they’re easy to empty, move around and refill at your facility wheneveryou like. Bring running water to any room with our easy-to-refill tanks.

Easy to clean.

Nestl facilitates OSHA & CDC COVID-19 guidancefor promoting frequent and thorough hand washing for students, employees, customers and visitors.

OSHA Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 >

CDC Handwashing: Clean Hands Save Lives >

CDC Preparing for a Safe Return to School in Fall 2020 >

Fits in any room with an outlet.

Classrooms, hallways, conference rooms, libraries, and gyms— anywhere with a typical outlet, usually 110V/15amp — can now have handwashing without renovation.

Plug it in when you need it.
Move it out when you don't.

Nestl Space Portable Sinks

Increase health, hygiene and feelings of safety with our ergonomic handwashing stations.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Our self-contained portable sink provides up to 70 typical hand-washings before needing refills. Our cabinets are made of FSC & LEED Certified non-toxic wood laminate, with no toxic adhesives.

  • Designed & Made by Small Business

    Buying from us means support for small business owners. Our sinks have been designed and made by small businesses coming together to bringunique solutions to your space.

  • Ships to US & Canada

    Easier, more convenient hand washing is only an order away —and we’ll provide personalized service from beginning to end. Our products ship anywhere within the US & Canada.

  • Indoor Use Only

    While we don’t offer an outdoor hand washing station yet, our indoor model is the best in the business. Our cabinets are made of eco-friendly laminate, which can expand and contract with frequent temperature changes, so they’re made to be used inside. For more info, visit our FAQ.

No Assembly Required
Ready to use. Take out of the box and plug it in.