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Bringing health to your environment.

Beautiful furniture for vulnerable moments.

Health-Centered Furniture

Innovative design built to support physical and mental health.

Lactation Space

Our patented design creates a sanitary and supportive lactation room out of any space.

Handwashing Stations

Touchless, portable, self contained sinks with custom options for kids and adults.

Custom Solutions

Custom design solutions tailored to support health in your environment.

Support breastfeeding employees with the perfect setup.

Nestl Lactation Space

Portable sinks you want to use.



Our products bring running water anywhere with our self-contained portable sink.


Our products ship fully assembled, just plug them in, and you're ready to go.

Health Focused

Our health-centered furniture is eco-friendly and ergonomically designed.

Flexible & Portable

Plug it in when you need it, move it out as needed.

Nestl Space Portable Sink in White

Easy, ergonomic, handwashing stations built for kids and adults.


Functional & Clean

Self-contained sink provides up to 80 hand-washings before refilling.


Perfect for classrooms, hallways and small spaces with an outlet.

Health Focused

Increased hand hygiene provides safety and peace of mind.

Flexible & Portable

Options for kids and adults. Plug it in when you need it, move as needed.

We’re proud to support these pioneering organizations in their efforts to keep their communities healthy.

  • “Easy Delivery and
    Beautiful Product.”
    Guardant Health, Redwood City CA
  • "Nestl prioritizes equity and wellness for all employees. We believe it can transform any workplace into a more beautiful, just, and nurturing place."
    Collab, New Haven CT
  • "The sinks have been great! Extremely handy and easy to use.”
    Gardener Public School District

Healthy space matters now more than ever.

Lactation Space

Nestl lactation stations comply with city and state laws regulating sanitation, and access to comfortable lactation space.


Nestl supports CDC guidance for promoting frequent and thorough hand washing for schools, employees, and visitors.

CDC Clean Hands Save Lives >

Eco-friendly is our commitment.

Our deep commitment to eco-friendly and safe materials means we are good for you, and for the environment.

Avoid disruptions.

No construction, no plumbers. It’s easy.

We’ve figured out the details, and all you need is a power outlet. Nestl stations include self-contained plumbing and thoughtful, ergononomic design. Be up-and-running in minutes with our fully assembled shipment.